Explained: Fortnite Phenomena

By The News Voice


Fortnite is online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. In this battle royalegame 100 players descend onto the huge map where they fight to see who is the last standing player.

By the end of September 2017, The Fortnite phenomenon had spread all over the world, captivating millions of players and compelling them to play it 

Developed by Epic games, this game became massive success on XBOX, PlayStation, PC versions. It took over  video gaming field defeating its rival game PUBG

Fortnite also took over  video content platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Where many streamers from all around the world focused their content on Fortnite and gameplays.


Fortnite is massively played, nearly 350 millions players all around the world have played this game since the Fortnite phenomenon started in 2017.

Not just only played , It was massively watched as well. 66 million hours of Fortnite gameplay was watched on Twitch in just two weeks in 2018.

Many players joined the game day by day making it a widespread video game with its addictive components. It took over the gaming world. It become the most popular game of the year.

In  2020, Fortnite was controversially pulled from Apple iOS store and Google play store, over revenue issues. But it was made available again soon.

Fortnite is still one of the highest ranking video games ever made which actually created a different culture, bought changes to gaming  world, millions are players still playing Fortnite.  Were you also not able to resist playing Fortnite like everyone else?