The Famous 10-step Korean Skincare Routine

BY: The News Voice


1. Double Cleanse:

Wash your face twice: once with oil, once with foaming cleanse. Massage your face to stimulate your skin for the products to work.


2. Toner:

Toners are full of botanical ingredients that work against aging, acne scars and fine lines. Apply with hands or cotton balls or pads.


3. Essence:

The key to great results in korean routine is layering products than one thick cream. Toner is the first layer, essence is the next.


4. Emulsion:

Another layer of moisture, you ask? If you want great skin, you have to work for it. The emulsion layer is more viscous than previous ones. It starts building richness and sheen.


5. Serum/ ampoule:

They are highly concentrated products used for intense moisture, a thicker texture. Feel free to skip it if you feel your skin has had enough.


6. Sheet Mask:

Sheet masks are actually soaked in Serum and usually takes 10-15 mins and can be used frequently after a long day in sun or after an event.


7. Eye Cream:

Eye cream actually moisturizes the skin around eyes where crow's feet and fine lines are bound to appear. Gently tap the cream using ring finger for right pressure!


8. Moisturizer:

This acts as a occlusive layer to seal in the moisture. It comes in different textures and thickness, choose one to finish with a thin layer.


9. Sun Screen:

Sunscreen is not only for beach days, it's for everyday. Asian sunscreens have an advantage over the USA ones, protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.


10. Sleeping Masks:

At this point your face may feel like a cake with all the layers. Since your body goes into repair mode at night, use sleeping masks designed to work while you rest.


These are the 10 common steps recommended by Korean beauty influencers and retailers.