8 July  2021

Fashion Notes From The Fashion Icon Kim Hyung Joong

By Vaibhavi Dahake


Kim Hyun-joong is a well-known South Korean actor and singer. Known for his role in Boys Over Flower drama and Former member of SS501. He is a talented solo artist.


Very popular idol in Korea because of his music and fashion. He is considered a Fashion Icon as well. He is fond of shopping and loves to buy. He was awarded the Style Icon award as well in 2011.


This iconic look from Boys Over Flower in this beige suit with a bow tie made him a instantly popular. He looks so charming, stealing the heart of his fans.


Style icon for a reason. Kim Hyung Joong has the ability to style any clothes and knows how to best highlight them. Here he is wearing a designer sweater.


Kim Hyun-Joong Captivating and charming everyone in this Black Tuxedo, the perfect outfit for getting married.


Kim Hyung Joong on fire in this intense photoshoot. He is wearing a red overcoat with all-black outfit.

Kim Hyun-Joong looks comfortable in anything Here he is wearing a cream loose sweater in one of his MV.


The charming boy next door look of Kim Hyung Joong. here he is wearing a bucket hat with checkered shirt over a white tee.


Kim Hyung Joong is known to love comfort trainer clothes. Here he looks at home in this black shirt looking stylish and at the time comfortable.


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