Get Better at Wearing Jeans

BY: The News Voice

Jeans is a must have in your closet by both men and women. Made of denim, they are strong and durable yet, soft and comfortable.

With a correct pair of jeans, you only need a simple T-shirt to look chic.

Selvedge jeans are a hot trend and they offer a uniquely stylish appearance.

However, cuffing gives an instant upgrade to your look. But every jeans demands different types of cuffs.

Consider  wearing a belt or other accessories, they will add new color to the outfit while defining your waistline in the process.

Shoes can make a big impact on the appearance of your jeans. So choose those with a similar style.

Jeans too, have a tendency to fade overtime. To avoid fading, turn them inside out when you wash. Additionally, use vinegar as it preserves the original color of the jeans.

Whichever jeans you choose, make sure they fit. If they are too big or too small, they won't make a stylish appearance.

While wearing jeans might be fine for a casual Friday, it's better to play safe by avoiding rugged, heavily ripped jeans to work.

Be your own stylist with these great tips and update your denim look this season!!

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