Diet Solutions to problems during  Cancer Treatment

Diet related solutions for the problems patients face when they undergo cancer treatment


Many face health-related problems during treatment of cancer which is quite common. Here are some solutions-


Have smaller and frequent meals filled with nutrient dense foods. Make your meals look and taste delicious.

Decreased Appetite:


Have light and low-fat foods. Eat dry, salty crackers and avoid milk products. Take enough liquids and breathe fresh air. Don't lie down immediately after eating.

Nausea and Vomiting:


Eat soft, moist food at room temperature and drink with a straw. Avoid spicy, salty, acidic foods and also hot or cold foods.

Sore mouth or throat:


Eat moist food, have liquids during and between meals. Avoid thick liquids and chew sugarless gum or suck on mints.

Dry Mouth:


Eat strongly flavored food with spices. Put emphasis on texture and aroma while cooking. Avoid bland and unsalted food.

Mouth Blindness:


Have small and frequent meals with high-calorie foods and avoid low-fat or no-fat milk products etc. Use calorie-dense food supplements after consulting the doctor.

Early Satiety:


Drink water and rehydration drinks. Consume soluble fiber and potassium rich foods. Limit fructose and avoid gas-forming foods and drinks.



Include whole grains, dried fruit to your diet. Extra fluids and exercise helps with constipation. Avoid caffeine.



Eat small, frequent meals and have a pureed diet. Drink 6-8 cups of fluids and thicken the fluid to the consistency easy to swallow.

Swallowing Problems:


Nutrition doesn't cure cancer, but it plays an essential role in cancer therapy. Your diet can help prevent poor nutritional status and its complications.