First Trimester  of Pregnancy

 All that you need to know about the First trimester pregnancy


MAR 14

A pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. The first trimester is the time between fertilization of the egg and week 12 of pregnancy.


Body changes during first trimester

Tiredness Upset stomach Throwing up Mood swings Tender breasts Heartburn Weight gain Headaches Cravings and Revulsion to Foods Constipation


What happens to fetus?

A baby develops rapidly during this trimester. A brain, spinal cord and the organs will form along with heartbeat. By the end, baby's sex organs will be formed.


What to expect at the doctor?

Women need to see the doctor once a month during first trimester. During first visit, the doctor will need to take full health history and perform full physical exam.


Also: Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy Pap test Take blood pressure Test for HIV etc Estimate due date Check thyroid  Check for risk factors Check weight


After 10 weeks or so, the doctor will do the test called nuchal translucency scan (NT). This test measures the baby's head and thickness of baby's neck.


Health Measures

Take prenatal vitamins Exercise regularly Work pelvic floor by Kegel Exercises Eat fruits, vegetables, low-fat fiber and protein Drink lots of water Eat enough calories


Things to avoid

Alcohol Caffeine Smoking Illegal drugs Cat litter Deli meats


Strenuous exercise Unpasteurized dairy products Hot dogs Raw sprouts Shark, swordfish Raw fish or smoked seafood


Pregnancy can affect other parts of life especially if you're working. Start thinking about everything from the first few months for the baby's future and safety.


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