Pregnancy  Mood Swings

Why you get them and What to do


MAR 18

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster of unadulterated joys and utter distress. Not every expecting women will experience them, but those who do will have to learn to roll that way.


There are few reasons for having mood swings during pregnancy. Rest assured, you are not being dramatic.


The biggest reason for mood swings is change in hormone levels. Estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is associated with anxiety, irritability and depression.


Pregnancy Hormones

First trimester fatigue and late pregnancy sleep deprivation are main factors for tiredness. And even that 'tired' is an understatement.


Fatigue and sleep deprivation

Though it's a physical symptom, it also has  mental and psychological effects as well.


Morning Sickness

Some moms love watching their body evolve, but those who struggle with body image develop complicated feelings.


Physical Changes

Anxiety about labour, fear about birth, stress about life is all natural to have but escalation can be intrusive.


Anxiety and Stress

Lack of food can create random outbursts.  Keep your tummy full, keep your calm.

Eat Well


What to do?

Exercise relieves stress and enhances your mood.  It releases endorphins which gives happy feelings.


Get Exercise

It's important to sleep as long as possible. Do whatever you can to get comfortable and get a shuteye.


Sleep Well

Surround yourself with  your loved ones and  explain and talk to them  about your feelings.


Talk to loved ones

These emotional waves are temporary. Be patient and show kindness to yourself. This too shall pass.


Be Kind

If you are too anxious or feeling depressed, there is nothing wrong in talking to a therapist. Reach out to a professional for help.


Talk to therapist

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