Second Trimester  of Pregnancy

Body changes and Fetal development in the second trimester


MAR 15

This trimester is from 13 to 27 weeks of pregnancy. The baby grows larger and stronger and women show a larger belly. Most find the second trimester to be easier than the first.


Changes in body

Larger Abdomen Dizziness due to low blood pressure Feel the baby move Body Aches Increases Appetite Stretch marks on stomach, breasts, thighs Swelling on ankles Itching


Concerning Symptoms

Nausea Vomiting Jaundice Extreme Swelling Rapid Weight Gain


Fetus Development

The baby's organs become fully developed in this trimester. Hair starts developing. The baby can hear and swallow. It will also develop sleeping and waking patterns.


What to expect during checkup?

Measuring Blood Pressure Checking Weight Ultrasound Diabetes screening Genetic screening tests Amniocentesis


Things to do

Continue taking prenatal vitamins Exercise regularly Do Kegel exercises Drink lots of water Eat more fruits and veggies Keep your gums and teeth healthy


What to avoid

Strenuous exercise Alcohol Caffeine Smoking Drugs Raw fish Cat litter Hot dogs Certain Prescribed drugs


The prescribed drugs include: Isotretinoin for Acne, Acitretin for psoriasis, Thalidomide and ACE inhibitors to lower blood pressure.


Preparing for Birth

Take prenatal education classes Classes on breastfeeding, infant CPR, first aid Watch videos on You tube on natural birth Make a nursery for the newborn baby


Familiarize yourself with the hospital or birth center, where you have decided to give birth. Consider whether you want to take medication for pain during delivery.


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