Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Staying Healthy and Preparing for Birth in the third trimester

MAR 16


The third trimester lasts from 28 weeks to 40 weeks. This time can be emotionally and physically challenging for the mother. The baby is considered full term at 37 weeks. Knowing what to expect can reduce the anxiety.


Body Changes

A lot of movement by baby Braxton-Hicks Contractions Heartburn Hemorrhoids Difficulty in sleeping Tender breasts that leak watery milk Swelling in ankles, fingers Going to bathroom often


Call doctor if...

Bleeding at any time Sudden decrease in activity in baby Painful contractions, increasing intensity and frequency Extreme swelling


Fetus Development

Baby's bones are fully formed by week 32. The baby will come to head down position by week 36. At week 37, baby is considered full term and organs are ready to function.


What to expect at doctor checkups?

Around week 36, the doctor may perform Group B strep test to test for bacterium that can be very harmful for baby. If positive, you will be given some antibiotics. There will also be a vaginal exam.


Stay Healthy

Continue prenatal vitamins Stay active unless any pain Workout with Kegel exercises Eat more fruits and veggies Drink lots of water Keep your teeth and gums healthy Get plenty of rest and sleep


What to avoid

Alcohol Caffeine Smoking Illegal drugs Prescribed drugs Cat litter Strenuous Exercise


Raw or smoked Fish Shark, swordfish Raw sprouts Unpasteurized dairy products Deli meats Long car trips and airplane tickets


Preparing for Birth

Have a bag prepared with items for you and your baby Plan the route and transportation to the hospital Develop a birth plan with your doctor Arrange maternity leave if you're working


Have a crib ready for the baby and double-check it's safe Check and remove any harmful things from your home Have numbers ready for any kind of emergency Stock up on supplies like diapers, wipes etc


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