Healthy Gaming Habits For Children

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Video games can be fun. But children need to balance overall screen use with other activities which are good for development.


Parents can help their  children develop healthy gaming habits and make good choices about what, when and how long to play.


For the children who are young, the best way to help your child develop healthy gaming habits is by playing games with your child, or watching while your child plays.


When it comes to playing video games, you can make some ground rules to follow for kids.

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– Playing only games with a G or PG rating – Asking an adult before downloading or playing a new game – Playing only at certain times of day, like after schoolwork, before dinner, or on the weekends


As the child gets older you can ask them and guide them to take more responsibility in takes care of their gaming choices and schedule.


You can talk about – When to play as an example playing such games just before going to bed could affect your child’s sleep or how long they have been playing.


You can also encourage your child to take a break in between games when frustrated or if sitting for a long time.


When playing online with strangers you can  guide your children to be careful and be respectful to other players. And make sure they understand internet safety.


With some healthy boundaries and the right guidance, video games can help your children have fun. With their healthy habits they can learn valuable skills as well.


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