Hollywood movies shot in India

BY: The News Voice


This movie was taken around Pataudi and Delhi. In this movie the protagonist, Julia Roberts goes to an ashram in India in search for enlightenment.


This movie revolves around a wall street journalist who was kidnapped by Al Qaida in the words of his widow. Shot in Pune, Angelina Jolie is the main character.


Shot in Jaipur and Udaipur. The plot is about British retirees who come India for vacation and stay at the best exotic Marigold Hotel.


Shot in Jodhpur, it's plot is about three brothers who are reunited on a train to darjeeling. Irfaan khan can be spotted.


Shot in Vrindavan and Delhi. It's about Steve Jobs' trek to India and features iconic landmarks like Red Fort and Chandini Chowk.


This is the 13th one in the James Bond series and shot in Udaipur city in Rajasthan.


This movie was shot majorly in Mumbai and moves around a firang who gets outsourced to India.


Shot in Puducherry and Kerala, stars Irfan Khan and Tabu. It's about Pi who survives a shipwreck and shares a boat with a tiger.


Mission Impossible is another movie shot in Mumbai. This is movie is fourth installation of cult action spy series.


This movie was based on a book with the same name and shot in Kolkata starring bollywood actors Irfaan and Tabu.