How to Broadcast on Twitch

By The News Voice

Twitch is an American video live streaming service which is pretty famous for its live video game streming from the popular gamers around the world.

Twitch is one of the most live streaming platform with more then 73% of Market share. You don't need an account to watch the streams but if you are streaming you need to create profile.

First thing would be to create an account. 1. Read and study community guidelines 2. Sign up and create an account 3. unable 2FA that is 2 factor authentication.

Now which software to choose for livestreming on Twitch?

1. OBS - Open Broadcast software, Choice of many streamers. 2. Streamlabs OBS 3. XSplit 4. VMix

Hardware you will need for streaming

The central part of hardware in any streaming setup is the computer, the console, or the smartphone.

You can additional also invest in Camera and Microphone,  It will improve the experience of streaming for you and your viewers as well

The additional gear you can use with your basic setup can improve the quality of your produce.

1. Lightning 2. Green screen 3. Game capture card 4. Stream Deck

While streaming you can add some advanced tools which will increase the functionality of your stream.

1. Overlays- any additional info 2. Logo 3. Alerts- Alerts of any new notifications. 4. Data overlay on your screen to show Stats 5. Chat- you can chat with your viewers

Now last, How to increase the Viewership

1. Keep Talking to your viewers 2. Socialise with other streamers to get recognition 3. Use discord to play with friends and stream  4. Mainstreaming is with other streamers is fun and attracts viewers.

I hope this guide helped you. Its a fun process to set up account and start streaming once  you are past technical hurdles.