How To Control Your Mind And Your Thoughts

By The News Voice


You think, you emotions are going haywire, you are having negative thoughts, always ruminating. The best way to get over theses unwelcome thoughts and take charge of your mind is by  replace negative with positive thoughts.


Over time you will feel happier and feel more balanced as you work through it. Here are the ways you can take control of your though process and mind.


You may find yourself thinking about something negative,constantly when you don't want to. You can take a walk, busy yourself and try to not to think about the unwanted thoughts.

Avoid Rumination


Everything starts with believing in yourself and positively thinking that you can change.

Believe in Yourself

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Be optimistic about your abilities

Be proud of what you can do, about your skills and abilities. Believe in yourself that you can succeed. Just think positive of what you can acheive.


Identify the thoughts you want to change and start working on it.


Accept Unwanted Thoughts

Acceptance is a big key to moving forward. You have to accept your unwanted thoughts then pushing and running away from them.


Try meditation.  It can help in helping you accept your unwanted thoughts. Mindful meditation can help you focus on the things.


Focus on positive. Focus on what you have got.Look at the thinks positively. Spend time doing what you love to do, with your family. Laugh more and smile more. Just live in the present moment.


This is not just an overnight process. You may just need some practice and a bit of patience to overcome  this.