Creating a Reader-friendly Home

BY: The News Voice


A home filled with different kinds of books is a great way to interest kids into reading. Ask your local librarian for suggestions.


Keep a variety of reading materials at hand like  magazines, scrapbooks,  comics, e-books,  newspapers, audio books,  photo albums etc.


Collect books with boards  or just different textures  for babies. preschoolers  might enjoy illustrated books. Elementary kids might like fiction, poetry, nonfiction or dictionaries etc.


Create a cozy reading place  and encourage them to  use it for reading time  every day.


Make sure these places  have good lighting.  Change the materials often  and keep CD player nearby  for audio books.


Encourage your kids to make posters, collages or books  filled with their own pictures  and writing. Kids love to  read things they've  written themselves or share  with family and friends.


Limit the screen time to  make sure they have  time for reading or  better yet make it  family-centered.


Read a book aloud or  ask your child to read to you  or act it out.  Make it a habit to sit together  and read your own books.


Ask your friends and family  to give books as gifts on  occasions as birthdays or holidays.  You could host a book swap event where you can swap forgotten books with new ones.


You could buy used books  if you can't afford new  books every time or  borrow books from  the library.


Whatever you do,  sharing the books  with your child is the  first and most important  step in creating a  reader-friendly home.