How to Help Your Child Become More Responsible

By The News Voice

We all want to raise our children to be responsible. And for that you have to start teaching them at the young age only, when they have just started grasping the basics of responsibility.

Start with giving age appropriate chores. When you give your child a job to do, explain it in simple terms and show them.

We all enjoy tasks more when they're fun and social. for example if you are putting away the toys, make a race of who finishes first.

You can set an example by showing your child what responsibility by taking good care of your own things and your own place.

When he is trying to do something himself but fails, try to focus on the efforts he is making not the results. Don't critisize him

Be realistic when you expect from him. Consider his age and remember it will take time for him to adjust doing his own things, maybe he is tried from nursery and give him break, be patient.

Whenever your child tries to act responsibly, even if he doesn't succeed, give him plenty of attention and praise which will show him that his efforts are appreciated and important.

Talk to your child and make it clear that he or she will have to follow certain rules. but you have to explain it in positive way without threats and ultimatums.

Teaching children responsibility and independence is really hard, But what part of parenting is not? You have to support and guide them to be responsible.