How to improve your reading skills

By The News voice

15 March, 2021

Many people find it difficult to read properly. Reading well takes time, patience, and practice. There are many techniques you can use to improve your reading skills.

Read Extensively

Read as much as you can. Read for your enjoyment. Read to find out things you need or want to find out about, not for just learning english.

Understand the topic of book

Understand the type of text, book you are reading. If it is a newspaper, magzine or book of what genre.

Read intensively if you want to practice the fundamentals such as the punctuations and grammer and to learn vocabulary.

Read out loud if you can. Because you get involved with your eyes, as you look at the words, and with your ears, as you listen to them.  

Try to guess the meaning of the new words and writes them down so you can look up their meaning in a good dictionary. and study the words later

Annotate your reading

While reading if you felt like, you can highlight or underline any important paragraphs, sentences or words.

Read in portions

Long and complex reading can be easily understood if is broken into few parts. So reading those parts bit by bit can help in finishing that text.

Read with a friend

Finishing text or book can be be fun and easior when reading with a friend. Having a reading partner can help in understanding something you don't understand. 

Choose the right reading environment

If you really want to read with focus, its best to stay away from distractions. Try reading in a quiet, well-lit place with a desk and comfortable chair

When you are trying to read something, read only about the things you are interested in. It will motivate you.

Keep track of the texts, books or newspapers you have read. Record it down how many and how much time it took to read it.

Be patient with yourself as you improve your reading.  As you begin to incorporate more and more reading into your daily life, you'll find that it will become easier and more fun.

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