Exquisite Handmade Jewelry Ideas

BY: The News Voice


It's fun to shop for jewelry and buying unique pieces from time to time. But, making jewelry by hand will always have the sentimental value.


Beads are very easy to make jewelry of when  you know the basics.  Assemble different shapes, colors, sizes  and a wire to hold  them and create  eye-catching patterns.


Crystal beads are a stunning choice to make  a statement or can even  go as simple as it gets.  You can mix different  colors and assemble a  great combination.


They are easy to make and they need strong hooks to link the ends.  Crystals look great in anklets paired with high heels.  They look elegant and sophisticated, without you investing much.


These stones shine brighter than diamonds.  They are almost like crystals and can be used in  almost anything you  wear including rings, waist belts etc.


Marbles or pearls are similar to beads but give a bolder appearance.  You can use them in anything from necklaces to earrings, bracelets to anklets.


Making jewelry with copper wires is a trend right now.  The intricate twists and turns are a beautiful mess and everyone loves them.  All you need is a wire, pliers and few beads or crystals.


Whatever mood you are in mood for, these fancy friendship bracelets are  simple and perfect.  You can mix and match them with different bracelets.


The most important thing in making jewelry is your creativity which gives you a unique identity. These ideas give you a great start to that.