How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Black Coffee

By The News Voice

Dr Batra

Black coffee is the best way to wake up in the winter mornings. One of the easiest recipes, black coffee has many known health benefits.  Black coffee is rich in antioxidants, which can fight cell damage and reduce your risk of serious.


For coffee enthusiasts who want to brew a perfect cup of black coffee at home with coffee beans, here are two popular manual coffee brewing methods


You can either buy instant powdered coffee or you can purchase freshly roasted, whole bean coffee and grind it yourself at home or in the store.


Pour Over/Drip: Coffee Cone

One of the oldest, simplest, fastest and cheapest ways to brew coffee is the drip method using a coffee cone and paper filter.


Hot water is poured evenly over coffee grounds in a paper filter. With gravity, the brewed coffee drips slowly and directly into a cup or pot.


Coffee cones are made of plastic, glass, stainless steel or ceramic. The shape of the cone and their filters will influence the flavours. And here you go, Your Perfect Black Cooffee is ready.


Plunger/Press: French Press

French press is considered as the best and easiest method for brewing superior and consistent coffee. It extracts superior flavors than any other method.


In a press pot, ground coffee is soaked, steeped and strained in hot water. which is then poured in the cup and done, The most flavorful coffee is ready.


With this method coffee’s flavorful essential oils, caffeine and antioxidants are diffused and preserved leaving the purest flavors of the coffee.


There are many other methods to make black coffee like these which brings out the purest flavor of coffee So who's ready for some home brewed Black coffee?