How To Make Vision Board

By The News Voice

14 March, 2021

The Wavy Girl

A dream board or vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one's dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.


Making your own vision board is itself an empowering and self analysing process. You will have to set a goal first and start with it. Here are few steps you can work on.


Defining your goals

First step is to identify your goals. It can be anything that is important in your life right now. These might be family, relationships, hobbies, fitness, well being, finances.


Finding your inspiration

Start looking for words and images that align to the goals. These might be magazines around lifestyle, home, nature, fitness, fashion, Yoga, family


Create a basic structure of your Vision Board. You can make. You can write down your ideas and goals on it.

Writing mindset

Find inspirational images and words for you vision board. It can be paper clippings, photos etc.You can sort and arrange them on the draft to see how it comes out.


You can edit and arrange how you want. Then glue down the photos. And don;t forget to add your own words, doodles or sketches to it.


You can try adding accentuating your board with metallic pens, chalk, crayons or watercolors., or texture it with ribbers and papers. The possibilities of what you can do with vision board are endless.


When you’re finished with your vision board, it’s important to find a special place for it. Place it somewhere where you can see it daily, in your office, studio or next to your bed.