How To Soundproof A Room

14 March, 2021

BY The News Voice

whether you want a room for solitude or peace or quite place  for music or recording studio, You will need a soundproof place in your home.

Here are some of the easy ways you can soundproof your home and conceal the outside noise and get much needed quite place.

Soundproof The Door

The gap under the door lets out lot of noises. You can fill the gap with a draft stopper, either purchased or homemade.

Add Soundproof Curtains

These curtains add a nice touch to your room decor and help in concealing the outside loud noises. 

Get a Thick Rug Pad

Sound doesn’t only bounce off walls it can be reflected by hard floors as well. So thick rugs are good in absorbing noise.

Muffle sounds with bookcases

Bookshelves help in keeping the room quite. Shelves filled with books create mass, and mass absorbs sound.

Hang Acoustic Panels

Hanging acoustic panels on the walls help in absorbing the noise.  They are designed to stop noise from bouncing off hard surfaces.

Window Inserts

They are clear panes of glass or acrylic installed over your window. which are airtight seal that reduces outside noise by 50 percent or more

Sound Proof Wallpaper

 These wallpapers helps in preventing sounds from entering, they also help to reduce sounds from leaving

Applying these simplest strategies in your home can make a big difference in concealing the noises and getting that much needed  quite place.