How to treat Grandparents with Respect and Care

Ways to get your children to respect their elders


Communication between grandparents and grandkids makes a big contribution to kids development and helps them become rich in heart and soul.


As a parent, you're responsible for everything happening in your family and instill positive values in your children. Here's how-


Never turn a blind eye

If you see your child being disrespectful to their grandparents don't be silent about it. Your duty is to bridge the gap between and tell them to assist the elderly.


Respect the Elders

Whether you like it or not, kids analyze your words and repeat your actions. Your efforts would be vain if you yourself don't respect your elders.


Express Feelings

If you are a shy person, then your children will also find it difficult to express feelings. Normalize saying 'I love you' to your parents in the presence of children.


Share Family Stories

Most children know nothing about their grand or great-grand parents. Don't make that mistake, tell them stories about their lives  and back up with family pictures.


Encourage them to be kind

Children should know it's necessary to ask the well being of grandparents. Encourage and praise their kind acts so they know that this attitude is good.


Dive into Fairytales

Look for fairytales with grandparent-grandchild relationship. Read them together and make them understand the moral and meaning behind it.


Teach them to congratulate

As a parent, you need to involve your kid to prepare for grandparents birthday or anniversary. This will increase significance of elder generation in them.


The society where children and parents don't  honor the elderly is doomed to eternal suffering and it's high time we do something to repair and harmonize the relationship between them.