How Your Life Changes After Having a Baby

BY The News Voice

There is no denying that after having a child your priorities change. You change. Different issuestake priority in your life. Life with a new born baby or child is worlds apart from that of child free life.

What changes when you have a baby? A better question may be what doesn't change?

Your routine changes. Your children rather than your personal preferences will dictate your schedule once you become a parent.

Everything takes longer. A major reason you have to alter your routine is that everything takes twice as long with kids such as cooking dinner, getting dressed bath time and bedtime.

After becoming a new parent  you will  fully understand and experience that you won't be getting much sleep for at least first couple of years.

Your life will be more full. You’re going to gain something that you didn’t even know was missing. You will get unconditional love from your baby.

You will make decisions differently. Literally every decision you make be it big or small, it will at one point involve the question, “How will this affect my child?”.

Cleanliness will fall by the wayside. Clutter, messes, toys thrown on the floor, drools will be not be an issue. You will become more patient.

Children do change our lives, they make it more messy hectic and busy but most importantly they make it better, they give us unconditional love, joy that can't be replaced.

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