Korean Beauty Secrets For Flawless Glass Skin

Vaibhavi Dahake

10 July 2021


Korean skincare has been a hot topic over the past few years. Everyone wants to know the secret of beautiful flawless glass skin. Glass Skin is lustrous, exceptionally smooth, even-toned skin that is flawlessly perfect.


Achieving this glass skin which almost looks translucent is not unattainable. But it needs commitment and a dedicated, multi-dimensional Korean skincare routine. 


Drinking tea is the key. Teas like ginseng tea, roasted barley tea and green tea are rich in antioxidants and fight acne. They give unblemished, clear, and redient skin.


You need to trust the charcoal. It's a miracle ingredient for getting rid of blackheads. It's a blackhead cleansing charcoal mask that was first used by Koreans.


According to Korean Beauty standards, the right way to apply makeup or any cream is by tapping it on the face. make it warm by tapping all over and then spread.


Koreans secret to beauty is a double dose of skincare for maximum skin benefits. They apply the double mask, double hydration, even double cleansing.


To rejuvenates your skin, when going to sleep, wear a moisturizing overnight mask. As when you sleep, our skin goes in recovery mode, and a mask help in repairing our skin cells, revitalizing them.


Koreans swear by this method while exfoliating your face, use a damp cloth. Using a warm damp cloth to exfoliate can help in scrubbing your face as its gentle on skin


Koreans use the products with snail mucin in it. As it helps getting rid of any skin irritation while being extremely hydrating. It improves skin texture and quality. 


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