COVID Vaccination:

Important Do's And Don'ts You Should Follow


BY Vaibhavi Dahake

20 April 2021

More than 1.6 crore have been administered the corona virus vaccine in India thus far through the first and second phase of the vaccination drive.


The central government has time and again assured that both the vaccines being used are safe. But some mild side-effects have been seen in some of the vaccine recipients.


Here are some things and precaution you should know before and after taking COVID Vaccine.


Before taking vaccine, if you have any allergies to certain medication or drugs, it is important for you to get the approval from a medical practitioner. So you won't have any adverse effects.


You should try to be  as relaxed as possible before getting the dose. Take proper rest and eat well as well as take any medication that is prescribed to you.

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People with diabetes or blood pressure need to keep these guidelines in check. Cancer patients, especially those on chemotherapy, must act on medical advice.


Do not leave the vaccination center right after the dose.  It is advisable to monitor the recipient at the vaccine site so as to ensure safety from any immediate allergic reactions.

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Side effects such as pain at the injection area and fever are common after the vaccination. Other side effects such as chills and fatigue are also likely, but they usually go away in a few days.


It takes the body a few weeks after the vaccination to build protection or immunity against the virus. This means a recipient can still get infected in that brief period following the vaccination its better to take precaution.


It is important to follow all the coronavirus-related safety guidelines such as wearing face masks, following social distancing norms etc as well take note of these guidelines before vaccination.

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