Interesting Facts About Destiny 2 Game

By the News Voice


Destiny 2 New Light is a free to play online multiplayer first person shooter video game developed by Bungie. It is also one of the largest and well known gaming franchise released in 2017. Here are some facts you may have missed about the game.


Destiny 2 in particular has seen quite the resurgence despite its ups and downs, and is now one of the most successful live service games to date. Destiny 2 sold an Estimated 1.92 Million Units in the First Week and collected overall revenue of $500 million as reported by company.


In the game, its never mentioned the function of the 'Ghost' symbol that appears on the screen even though much of the plot revolves around the Ghost. Basically it means that there is either a valuable item or piece of lore that you can scan to either collect or learn more about the history of the game.


Bungie has created a new social space in Destiny 2 called The Farm, This meeting place also houses a secret mini-game for players to join in on for fun. There is a secret roof that leads to an area that starts the mini-game, Scouting Patrol which requires players to accomplish certain farm duties in a timed race.


One of Destiny's greatest strengths is its music. Both Destiny and Destiny 2 have some of gaming's best scores you can ever listen to.


Bungie to create their ambitious and huge project Destiny found a publisher, Activism with the plan to support the game for 10 years with constant updates and expansions to it as well making it the one of the biggest gaming franchise.


During the Beta and early in game experiences of the destiny 2 players were able to exploit a glitch that appears to show future locations of raids and challenges in the game. Destiny is enormous and there are many such secret areas in the game.


Bill Nighy, the voice actor of Mr. Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, was given the voice lineup for Destiny as The Speaker by Bungie. Isn't it exciting?


There are so many amazing secrets buried in Destiny 2. It's unbelievable how many things go unnoticed by the gamers despite it being so popular. Follow The news Voice for more such trivia.


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