IPL Betting:

Why should you avoid it?


APR 1, 2021

Betting during sports like cricket and especially during IPL season has become so common these days. It's actually bordering obsession.


Betting is legalized in US. There are no laws in India that makes it legal or illegal here.


Since there are no laws that states betting is illegal, if you bet on internet and under licensed bookie, you won't get into trouble.


Psychology says that betting is directly related to the adrenaline that brings with it. Gamblers are addicted to this, it releases when the team they bet on plays well.


When someone starts betting, they can't stop if they win. It can become a bit compulsive to bet on every game and then addicting.


Some people believe betting is the easiest way to make money and become rich. While practically it is kind of true, the chances are pretty thin.


Even if you were to win a considerably good amount from betting, your experience will only want you to bet even more. This addiction is a never-ending cycle.


The main point we are missing here is that we stopped enjoying the sport as a sport and made it a quick way to make money which sounds as sad as it comes.


Furthermore, the probability of losing money is more and you will end up losing more if you try to cover up those losses.


Worst case scenario is when you win a few times and get addicted to the rush and later lose everything. So, it's better to stay away from betting.


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