Issues While Adopting An Older Child

By The News Voice

Adopting an older child can be a wonderful way to grow your family.  It can also be a great way to provide familial support and build a relationship with a child who is in need of a forever family.

Older child adoptions are adoptees that are between the ages of toddlers to 21 years of age. Every child needs a stable home and family. 

But few issues may arise when adopting an older child, they are as follow

While babies are adopted very quickly,  It can be very difficult for older children who are in need of stable home and families to get adopted.  As mostly older children can be responsible and can take care of themselves they need that sense of belonging as well

Older children cannot attach. Its gets harder for the older children to get attach to their adoptive parents and to trust them quickly.With them you have to be patient and give more time to understand them. As the past trauma and care received in the foster houses can influence their attachment

Just as the child's early years influences her or his future attachments, same can be said about the new parents as well, it may affect their bonding. Sometimes the bonding process takes time, patience and experiences together

Older adoptive children will have insurmountable behavioral and mental health problems, which the adoptive parents have to be careful about while handling the child and give him support.

Each child has a history that includes a lack of attachment, regardless of age. For older children that history may include neglect and abuse. Some adoptive children will need professional intervention, such as counseling or therapy to help them process their history while navigating family, school and community. Some will not

Sometimes older children don't want to be adopted a difficult time trusting adults due to past experience and feel ambiguous or negative about adoption.

No child should be considered unadoptable And no child should age out of foster care/orphanages without the support of a family. As each child deserves a proper family and home