How to deal with Male Irritable Syndrome

BY: The News Voice

The stereotype of the grumpy old man has it roots in a condition known as irritable male syndrome.

As the name suggests, the leading symptom is irritability.

Depression and low self-confidence. It leads to difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping and hormonal changes

Other symptoms like poor sleep can affect many aspects of your overall health.

You may have harder time losing weight or recovering from exercise.

Levels of testosterone tend to decrease gradually in men starting in 30s which is associated with confidence, fitness, energy and sex drive - all of which contribute to healthy relations.

Consider a testosterone level test and therapy if it's appropriate. Don't quit therapy if you don't see immediate results.

Maintain a heart-healthy diet, with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and low-fat or fat-free products.


Get more exercise! The 'feel good' endorphins can help overcome depression and other negative feelings.