MSG Allergy

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

BY: The News Voice

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is used to enhance flavor and many believe it causes allergy and other side effects.

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome refers to the group of symptoms some people experience after eating at a chinese restaurant.

Most people can eat foods that contain MSG without any problems except for a small percentage, who have short-term, adverse reactions to it.

MSG improves the taste of food. It is an important additive in the food industry because it doesn't compromise flavor if low quality ingredients are used.

It is mostly made up glutamate, an amino acid found in some foods naturally. It is produced by fermenting, molasses, sugarcane or starch.

Aside from being used in some chinese foods, MSG is added to many processed foods including potato chips and hot dogs.

Common Symptoms -

- headache - sweating - nausea - fatigue - skin flushing etc

Severe Symptoms -

- chest pain - rapid heartbeat - difficult breathing - swelling on face

If the symptoms are minor, you don't have  to stop eating the foods you enjoy! Reduce your symptoms by eating small amounts.