Famous Personalities who mysteriously disappeared

BY: The News Voice


She was a pilot and an author. Disappeared in July 1937 while she was attempting to circumnavigate the globe.

Amelia Earhart



Former president of teamsters union was last seen in a restaurant in Suburban Detroit where he had apparently gone to meet mafia figures on July 30, 1975

Jimmy Hoffa

 One of the successful big-band leaders.  Went missing with his aircraft over the English Channel in 1944

Glenn Miller


Richey Edwards

A successful guitarist and lyricist of manic Street Preachers. Disappeared on 1st Feb 1995, the same day he was to travel to the US for a promotional tour.


SEAN FLYNN was a highly acclaimed war photojournalist and the son of Hollywood actor Errol Flynn. He disappeared in 1970 in Cambodia while covering the Vietnam war.


Joseph Pichler

The child actor from 3rd and 4th part of the Beethoven movie series, went missing in Jan 2006 and was never to be seen again


Harold Holt

Australia’s progressive and ground-breaking Prime minister

Went swimming on a beach in Victoria in 1967 but never returned to shore


Daniel Lind Lagerlof

A well-known Swedish director, screenwriter and producer.  He disappeared during filming in Oct 2011


One of the most renowned and influential poets of the twentieth century, disappeared in July 1955

Weldon Kees


Was on his way to attend a campaign fundraiser in Begich when his flight vanished in Alaska on 16 Oct 1972

Hale Boggs


Now, all that is left are wild conspiracy theories and speculations.