Non-traditional ways to  propose 

BY: The News Voice


Romantic Roses, diamond rings, champagne bottles too cheesy for you? Here are some fresh ideas to sweep your partner of their feet!  Cheesy again? Anyways you get the idea...


Candles!  Romantic and bordering cliche. Arrange candles in heart shape or use heart shaped candles or arrange candles as the question, whichever you prefer.


Pop the question when you are so high up in air in a hot air balloon.  She will be swept off her feet! Literally!


Surprise her with a cute kitty or puppy with a collar or plaque asking the question for you.


Get a model house of their dreams and add a message saying, "This house belong to.." on the chimney.


Wanna make a big statement? Create personal hoardings or banners with your picture and your feelings and take her on a drive to the place they were put up...


Plan a scavenger hunt and leave the clues around, in the house or nearby park or any other place which is personal to you guys.


There's nothing greater than food! Propose with her favorite food item. Be it coffee, pizza, desserts anything...


Big techie you are? Create her a personal website with all the important dates and details about your relationship and confess your feelings with a command for her to answer.


Carve your question into a tree where you guys visit frequently or a special place and take her for a casual visit and VOILA!


Too nervous to do anything directly? Record yourself of your proposal or sing  a song that says it all and play or send  it to her.


Set up the most sensual proposal by preparing a bath and a customized bath bomb that contains the bling and all that's left to do is jump in.. If you know what I mean!


Try putting your own spin to these ideas. Nothing makes your proposal  better than your genuine feelings and your attention on your loved ones!