Vakeel Saab Movie Review - 3/5


By Anandi Yalavarthi

APR 10, 2021

Vakeel Saab movie is a legal drama in Telugu-language directed by Venu Srinivas and produced by  Dil Raju and Sirish under  Sri Venkateswara Creations.


Vakeel Saab is not the remake of Pink but rather remake of Nerkonda Paarvai which is a tamil remake of Pink. This movie is a remake of a remake.


Unlike the original film, the protagonist is not an elderly man with a sick wife and a tormented soul but a revolutionary leader.


He has great aspirations to create a society where the rights of people especially women are not violated.


Pawan Kalyan's character has quit his practice as a lawyer due to some betrayal in the past. He is dejected and drowns himself in alcohol.


He will be forced out of that phase when three independent women are wronged by men in power.  This is a basic 80s scene.


Unlike in the Hindi and Tamil movies, consent is not the only aspect the protagonist fights for. He fights against injustice done to all sections of the society.



Pawan's loss in 2019's election is the main theme of the film. "Even if you don't need people, people need you" was repeated in many versions. Nevertheless, the main subject "no means no" was honored.

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