Problematic Movies That Should Have Been Called Out

By The News Voice

The movie has negatively portrayed the impact of Love that can have on people. In the movie, He stalks her, eye tease her, threatens to kill himself becuase she doesn't return his love?

Raanjhanaa (2013)

Tere Naam

Even though the movie was a big hit, very much popular. It has some serious problematic issues, stalking the girl, kidnapping her and then no respect and making demands while she meekly listens him.

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Kabir Singh

A violently abusive man who treats women like nothing and has no concept of consent. This is a movie where we should tell apart toxic muscularity and glorification. and what about women's self respect?

Happy New Year

What the issue with this movie is about the respect given to women. Despite knowing that Deepika is a professional dancer, Shahrukh khan repeatedly calls her 'Cheap' and 'Prostitute', that is clearly misogyny. and she still falls for him!

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

If a girl doesn't fall for the guy or rejects him, she has to die either with a fatal disease or an accidents. and at the end  the movie closes with the unrequired love dieing on a hospital bed, that's what is wrong with this movie.


Even though the movie was surrounded by controversies during the release, it certainly has issues. It is understandable why it ended the way it did, but why they they have to glorify the Sati or johar, It was rather sad, it was shown as some herioc scene is going on.


Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

In the movie, the fiance is shown as someone who is evil, lier and manipulative lady who speaks soft and sweet in from of her husband and his family. its shown that women will go any lengths to prove a point being heartless and all

Love Aaj Kal 2

In this movie the issue was with stalking by Kartik and then his friend manipulating Sara by forcing her to give him a chance again, basically gaslighting her and guilt trip.

These movies has some very problematic aspects that were not called out or probably went unnoticed by most audience. In Bollywood there are many more movies with such issues.