Random weird Jobs that pay surprisingly well

BY: The News Voice


Celebrity  Joint Roller

Upto $7000 per joint. The best example is Tony Greenhand who makes smokeable art with different designs.


Instagram  Influencer

$500 to $3000 per post. Influencers other than celebrities with followers ranging from 15k to 100k make large amount of money per post.


Professional  Bed Warmer

Upto $200,000 per year. This 'job' involves the person dressing in fleece body suits and rolling around in freshly made beds for 5-10 mins to break them in.


Cruise Ship Entertainer

Upto $2500 per week. From dancers to stand-up comics, musicians to magicians, they're all in demand. Apart from free food and lodging you can make a lot.


Horse  Exerciser

Upto $60,000  a year. You will need to train and exercise horses that are used in different sports. They end up making pretty penny.


Music Therapist

Upto $140,000 a year. They work in schools, mental health facilities to help people express through music. It's an alternative form of therapy.


Ice cream  Taster

Upto $100,000 per year. Yes, you heard it right!  The taster checks the taste, texture, flavors so customers won't be disappointed.


Anesthesiologist  Assistant

Upto $180,000 per year. Anesthesiologist has to make sure the person is safe before, while under and after the surgery, assistant helps with the process.


Golf Ball  Diver

Upto $150,000 a year. They jump into ponds across golf courses to salvage, clean and recycle golf balls. They have to be scuba-certified and know way around murky water.


Submarine  Cook

Upto $150,000 per year. This requires travelling far-out places, which is why the salary is so high.


You wouldn't know some of these jobs existed till now, but they pay surprisingly well.