Ranking the best-dressed versions of Clark Kent

By The News Voice


Are you a fan of Superman? Well, who wouldn’t love him? Super-speed, super-strength, flight, x-ray, and heat vision; with such powers, you would be a god!


And to many, that is what Clark Kent is.


But over the years, we have seen many actors don this iconic red and blue suit. And like it or not, some had better fashion sense than others.


Christopher Reeve

He played Clark Kent in the movie Superman in 1978. He is one of the most famous that has played the role and notable for how more mafia than journalist he looked.


Dean Cain

who played the character in Lois and Clark from 1993-1997. His dressing style was more urban than country, donning fancy work suits and t-shirts when he was not on his red cape.


Tyler Hoechlin

He did not take the lead role as he has been starring in Supergirl (2015 till date). His dress sense is typical for a journalist; casual and contemporary.


Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh of Superman Returns. In terms of style, he was pitch-perfect.



And finally, at #1, we have Henry Cavill, who has been playing Man of Steel since 2013. His build alone accentuates the beauty in his outfits.



So these were the best-dressed versions of Clark Kent according to popular opinions. Henry Cavill, the latest superman won over the hearts of the people with his style and acting.