Recap of 2020: Hobbies Edition

BY: The News Voice


We can all agree that 2020 has been a weird one.  On the bright side, everyone has taken up different hobbies to keep them busy and to stop them from going insane!


Few people have developed a green thumb and started gardening. Some even started growing organic vegetables.


This year has been such a contrast, few people got into painting and the ones already doing it have gotten into different painting techniques.


People finally got bored of the gadgets and started spending time with family and improving relations.


Music is another world we escape to when in distress. Composing and playing music has become a huge part of life in these times.


Knitting has been a great hobby from so long yet we couldn't indulge due to lack of time. Since all we had was time, it worked out perfect!


Everyone has developed a health conscience and started working out and meditating by taking up online classes.


While some took baking and cooking classes to brush up or increase their culinary skills.


Though the situation of the pandemic has improved vastly, it didn't stop netizens from adding new hobbies to the resolutions this year!