Relatable Friendzoned feelings

BY: The News Voice


Despite knowing she doesn't love you, there's nothing in the world you wouldn't do for her.  You hate how you cannot control being so nice to her every time.


Even though you are always there for them, there's nobody you can share the pain with. It is indeed lonely in the friendzone.


It's heartbreaking to know you might never end up with the person you really love because she might never realize the importance of what she already has.


Even if it's a false one, you are going to be ecstatic when she drops a hint because she doesn't see you 'that way'.


You know you're better than the person she crushes on. You are everything she ever wanted and no one loves her more than you, if only she realizes that.


If her boyfriend isn't around, you are the person she counts on for anything. You're always at her disposal which is probably why you are taken for granted.


Want to get away but still holding on because you can't just let go- worst feeling ever.


Sometimes she acts like she knows about it and other times she would seem pretty oblivious to it. Can she seriously not see how much you lover her or does she pretend?


Damn! Is there a way to find out what she's thinking? Or what you should do to let her know how much you love her?