Renaming India as Bharat? 6 Countries Changed Their Names

By TNV English

Sep 07  2023

Speculation abounds that the Central Government may introduce a resolution to rename India as Bharat during a special Parliament session. This move seeks to reclaim the country's historical identity.

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Potential Name Change

India, a name imposed during British colonial rule, carries the weight of historical oppression for some. Bharat, an ancient Sanskrit term, symbolizes the nation's rich culture, civilization, and values.

Historical Significance

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Mohan Bhagwat, RSS chief, affirms that Bharat has been the nation's name for centuries. He advocates for embracing this traditional name, arguing for its cultural authenticity.

RSS Chief's Perspective

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Congress leader Jairam Ramesh criticizes the proposed change, accusing Prime Minister Modi of distorting history and fostering division. He emphasizes the role of political parties in fostering harmony and trust.

Political Divide

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Pinarayi Vijayan, the Kerala Chief Minister, joins the opposition, urging the Centre to reconsider its decision to rename India as Bharat.

Kerala Chief Minister's Opposition

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Turkey's name change to Turkiye in 2022 reflects a commitment to cultural authenticity and values.

Turkey's Cultural Embrace

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The Netherlands' shift from Holland in 2020 aimed to modernize its global image, transcending regional associations.

Netherlands' Update

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Myanmar's transition from Burma in 1989 marked a turning point after a pro-democracy uprising, emphasizing sovereignty.

Myanmar's Political Transition

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Sri Lanka's change from Ceylon in 1972 underscored cultural identity and removed colonial connotations.

Sri Lanka's Cultural Roots

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Iran's transformation from Persia in 1935 symbolized a new era, signaling national renewal.

Iran's Fresh Start

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Thailand's shift from Siam in 1939 asserted independence and national pride.

Thailand's Independence Declaration

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