Rivals Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Unite On gaming Safety

By The News Voice

The three big game console makers, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have teamed together to commit to making gaming safer for everyone.

The three are setting aside their usual rivalries to improve online gaming.  The companies have outlined a set of common principles for safer gaming, specially for younger players.

The companies highlighted in the statement that "all players deserve to have fantastic social gaming experiences in environments where respect and security are mutual".

The companies promise to offer prevention tools like customization, easy-to-use safety tools, codes of conduct and systems that prevent abuse before it happens and also promise to with with government, law enforcement etc.

The statement that was released by the three companies simultaneously, highlights three key principles. These are prevention, Partnership and responsibility

Prevention - giving players and parents the tools and options to help avoid harassment and toxicity before it can happen on gaming platforms.

Partnership - working with industry trade organizations, industry members, regulators, law enforcement, and experts to make online gaming experiences safer experience for the younger generation.

Responsibility - all companies hold themselves accountable for creating safe gaming experiences.

In closing the joint statement, they extended an invitation for other influential  companies in the gaming industry to take part in the initiative to ensure safe gaming environments, no matter the platform.