Simple and Easy Post-workout Skincare Routine for Men

By The News Voice

As a man who works out, now is the perfect time to reacquaint with some simple, easy and good post-workout skincare routine.

Immediately you finish your workout, wash your face with water or face wash. Washing after a workout will clear up all your clogged pores, wash away excess oil and remove grime and dust on the skin.


When you develop injury while working out, an ointment will help create layers to prevent infection and microbial growth.


On an inflamed skin, apply a cold towel or an icepack to speed up the healing process.

Icepack (or cold towel)

A nice and long shower will go a long way in post-workout.


After a shower, dry your face by patting lightly with a soft and clean towel.

Clean Towel

Go for a moisturizer that suits your skin. Moisturizer hydrate and soothes skin. It reduces redness of the skin and promotes a healthy glow. Moisturize your face, arms, legs, and inner thighs.


Drink plenty of water to replenish the moisture lost during the workout.


This is how you can take care of your skin Post-Workout. If you don't take care of your skin after you work out, the sweat and dirt can lead to further skin damages with dead skin cells and bacteria.

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