Sun Allergy

BY: The News Voice

Sun allergy is the condition that happens when immune system reacts to sunlight. The reactions include rash, blisters or hives.

The main symptoms are itching, pain and skin redness that tend to appear a few hours after exposure.

Common Reactions:-

- Polymorphic light eruption - Solar urticaria - Actinic prurigo

The causes of sun allergy remain unknown, though some think prolonged exposure to UV rays is the reason.

To prevent sun allergy, it is very important to protect your skin with sunscreen.

Apple cider vinegar is specifically used to help tighten the skin and protect skin from harmful environment.

Spread a layer of pure aloe gel extracted from the inside of aloe leaf over the sun burnt skin.

Plain, cold yogurt can help relive sunburn as it has probiotics which restore skin's barrier.

It's better to try natural remedies before going for stronger stuff. If severely burnt, contact your general physician.