24 April 2021

By Vaibhavi Dahake

The American electric-car maker Tesla is facing an onslaught of criticism from Chinese officials and government as well as media in the wake of a woman's viral protest at the Shanghai Auto Show.

It's been a week of relentless scrutiny for Tesla at china because of this incident as well as in USA by the Media.

The crisis in china could hamper Tesla's growth, Which is the largest electric-vehicle market in the world and an increasingly important one for Tesla in the long run.

At the show a woman climbed on top of a car April 19 and yelled that she was almost killed when the brakes on her Tesla failed. She wore a shirt with the phrases "Invisible Killer" and "The Brakes Don't Work," and complained against the  Tesla about the car issues.

Tesla claimed the woman had a collision due to a speeding incident and has been negotiating with her since February. Since then the Chinese media and government agencies have piled on, calling Tesla "arrogant."

Since then Tesla has apologized in a statement for not solving the car owner’s problems in a timely manner and said it would create a unit dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Tesla has been in negative press scrutiny for few months now. Earlier this year a Tesla car exploded in the underground garage as well. According to media there have been 10 reports in 2020 over the rivers losing control of their Tesla cars.

Musk has looked to fend off the scrutiny. In March, he gave an interview to state broadcaster CCTV saying that the future of China is “going to be great” and that the country will be Tesla’s “biggest market.”

Tesla is also under the investigation in the US following a fatal Model S crash on Saturday where it appeared nobody was driving.

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