Thief Who stole Vaccines returns it with Sorry Note

22 April 2021

By Vaibhavi Dahake

In a massive show of humanity, a thief A thief who had fled with a bag containing over 1,700 doses of COVID-19 vaccine today in Haryana's Jind returned the packets stolen with an apology note.

The story began on Wednesday night when a box containing vaccines went missing from the hospital store. 

1710 Covid doses Missing

On Thursday morning, the police in Jind registered a complaint which mentioned 1270 Covishield vaccines and 440 of Covaxin went missing from the PPC centre.

And with a new twist to the story, hours after the vaccines went missing, the thief has reportedly returned, them at least partly.  He left  182 vials of Covishield and 44O vials of Covaxin were left at a tea stall outside Jind Civil Lines Police Station.

The thief also left a note saying “Sorry, Pata Nahi Thaa Ismey Corona ki Dawai Thi [Sorry, I was not aware this packet contained Coronavirus Vaccine],” with the bag of vaccine.

The police are now tracking the thief and have filed a case into the theft from the Jind General Hospital's storeroom. At this point, it is unclear what happened to the rest of the shots that were reported as missing.

Though the recovery of the vaccines is good news, it is very likely that they have become useless by now as the vials were to be stored in a freezer.

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