Timeline of  Albert Einstein

By The News Voice


Albert Einstein is born in Ulm, Germany, the son of Hermann Einstein, a German-Jewish featherbed salesman, and his wife Pauline. The family moved to Munich when Albert was one year old.

Mar 14, 1879


At the age of five, Albert Einstein becomes fascinated by his father's pocket compass, intrigued by invisible forces that cause the needle always to point north. Later in life he told, this a his genesis in life to interest in science.


Albert moved to Switzerland at 16 years old to attend Aarau Cantonal School and he graduated top of his class in 1896.


He was given an invitation to the first-ever world physics conference. He was the youngest physicist there. in 1911

Einstein submitted his first paper on his theory of thermodynamics. It was the first of many in 1905.


He believed science's understanding of gravity was wrong, and he worked on a new theory which he would later test with a solar eclipse

1913-Theory of gravity


After publishing his Theory of Relativity and correctly predicting the effects of a solar eclipse, Einstein's name went around the world. Einstein became famous in 1919


Einstein was awarded his first Nobel Prize in physics. He was on his way to Japan when he got the news in 1922.



In 1945, World War II ended and Einstein continued his research. He made advances in heat, gravity, and relativity, and he published over 300 scientific reports.

Albert Einstein dies of heart failure at the age of 76.