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Today's Horoscope 5 March 2021

By Samir Jain

Today you will be positive, you may feel good and domestic harmony may make you happy. You may meet some influential person. Who may help you to get some benefits n the work front. You may likely perform well in your job.

Aries 21 March to 20 April

Taurus 21 April to 20 May

Today you may be healthy , may be able to focus well on your goals. Your performance will be very good at work. Your boss will be happy, so may get some important responsibilities at work. Likely to hear some good news in legal matters.

Today you may be intellectual, may perform in gaining knowledge. you may understand the value of intellectual knowledge. You may control your short temperateness, which will help in performing task smoothly. You are likely to spend money for love once.

Gemini 21 May to 21 June

Cancer 22 June to 22 July

Today you may feel negativity around you, may find responsibilities as burden. You may be in hurry to perform the task given to you, you may make silly mistakes. Your working efficiency will slow down. Which may affect your work.

Leo 23 July to 23 August

Today you may hear some good news from your sibling. You may spend some time with family and friends. With the help of creativity, You may plan to renovate your house and office. Your subordinates at the work may help you in projects.

Virgo 24 August to 23 September

Today you may feel negative. tasks become incomplete, you may have mood swings and your patience might be tasted few times. Silly mistakes will make you confused at work. You are advised to take care of your parents.

Libra 24 September - 23 October

Today you may feel happiness and pace of mind. You may work efficiently in your professional life. Your subordinates may cooperate with you to make some important decisions in the business. You may plan to start some new ventures. 

Today you may have detachment with responsibilities. Your spending on worthless stuff may bring negativity around the house or office. Its advised to read documents before signing anything.

Scorpio 24 October to 22 November

Sagittarius 23 November to 21 December

Today you may enjoy your family and professional life. You may get polite with people around you, Which may help in smooth completion of your work. You may find new sources of earning. 

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

Today you may enjoy at work. You may get rewards after your hard work. Overworking of your mind may make you tired, due to workload you won't be able to reach some family event. 

Aquarius 20 January to 21 February

Today you will be satisfies at work. You may plan for short work related trip. Your elders may likely to show you right path, which may give you clarity in regarding your goal. You may visit some religious place.

Pisces 20 February -  20 March

Today you may feel dull, it is advised to keep your mind cool. Think twice before any act. You are advised to avoid going on adventure trip. You may travel to recover your money.

So this is what the stars have written for you today. Visit again for tomorrows horoscope.