Vincenzo (K-drama) Review


Rating - 4/5

Netflix's latest k-drama 'Vincenzo' takes viewers on the journey of lead role played by Song Joong-Ki who was adopted very young and moves to Italy.


His family is actually Italian crime family and he grows up to be a consigliere to the mafia. Due to some repercussions he flees to South Korea. He needs to take down a new enemy.


Our dark hero has bloody past and a ruthless streak. This consigliere turned saviour is a far cry from his cute acts in the actors wildly popular dramas like 'Descendants of the Sun.'


In South Korea, he meets the lawyer Hang Cha Young played by Jeon Yeo-bin and falls for her. We can see her evolution from amoral lawyer to someone who fights for justice.


The lead also has a 'human' side along with the comic touch, his relationship with the pigeon. With pleasant soundtrack and blatant disregard for legality, this drama is different from well known tropes.


The storyline is close to reality with logical twists and turns. Each character's dealings and importance to the lead Vincenzo is pulled of without a hitch.


'Vincenzo' is a story of revenge, slow-burn romance and gang violence. It's captivating with amazing visuals, high level production team and perfectly casted roles.


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