Passive Income Ideas for Teenagers

Easy money making Ideas for teens.


Passive income means earning money passively. You don't need to invest more time or go to office to make income. Here are a few ideas for making passive income-


As a teen, you would be up to date with trending fashions, so be creative and make designs on t-shirts online. When people order that design, it is printed and delivered and you make profits.


You can try blogging even if it's in regional languages and earn money online. Some are earning up to 6 figures from blogging.


You have a great opportunity on Instagram as it has over 120 million users. Choose any niche like, painting, fashion and upload pictures and get a sponsorship.


In the website Fiverr you can join for free and earn a minimum of $5 by offering any services. You can earn from simple works like removing background images or calligraphy.


You can choose any topic you are good at like money management or personality development and make a course to teach others. Sell this course on Udemy.


You can start small businesses where you do not need to invest much money or time. First you need to work  hard to set the business and later it will be a passive income source.


If you can write stories and narrate well, you can record and post them on You tube or your own podcast. Kid's stories get many views convert this large audience into income.


You can choose any topic and write an e-book without taking any stress. You can publish it on platforms like amazon, Instamojo without any investment.


If you are good with coding and technical knowledge, you can create your own app and upload quizzes in it or any gaming apps. You just need to pay initial fees to upload to Google play.


As a student you can guide other students during projects or share project ideas, especially science projects require more innovation and ideas.


You can earn by renting out your books to others. You will have many juniors in school or college so don't miss this opportunity to earn more than pocket money.


Every passive income idea has a very high potential of earning. You won't suddenly become rich from these sources, you need to be patient and learn new things and implement new ideas.