Ways to make a Woman Happy!

BY: The News Voice


Everyone has self-doubts, what matters is if you believe in yourself. Women take pride in you for that.


Don't give false hope, don't make empty promises. Accountability and trust are the cornerstones of any relationship.


Women notice every little things you do, being considerate, honest and kind. These positives will help cancel the negatives of an argument, so don't stop those acts of kindness.


Poking a little fun is healthy and also sweet. Too much tease will piss them off. But woman think getting an apology from a man is sexy. So, you know what to do.


Get to know a woman's mind, soul and only then her body. They need to be cherished and appreciated before they put their trust in you.


Women do talk a lot, they share everything, including any problems. Don't roll your eyes or say it's just silly or give advices. They don't need you to fix anything, just to listen.


The bad boy persona may be appealing to some, but every woman needs a good guy to take care of her. Do things not to get laid, but to support them because that means the world.


Hurt is inevitable in a relationship, Owning up to it or taking responsibility for your part in the arguments and talking it out is most important.


These tips are general. They don't apply to everyone.  The key is to understand each other better.