25 April to 1 May 2021


Your week will start off great with peace of mind and happiness. Quick decisions will benefit you. Regulate eating habits. Mid week may give you few losses. Avoid new ideas at work. Last two days in the week will have a positive impact again. Your luck will help in implementing plans. Family will be healthy and safe.


The week is off to a great start. Health issues will be under control. You will have balance between income and expenditure. Mid week is time for new opportunities and good times. Last two days are not so favourable. Anxiousness and arrogance factors may hold you back from great things.


Your week will have an intellectual start. Mid week you will have creativity, health, money and everything in between that makes a person happy. Last hew days will be filled with blessings from elders. Self analysis will help correct your mistakes. Your week is great one overall.


The week starts off with you restless and unstable. Obstacles may be ahead of you. You may get your control over life by mid week. Profits and creativity are plenty now. Last few days will be busy. There may be a push and pull going on. Health issues will resolve in children.


Hard work will pay off and you are off to a good start. Follow your intuition in decision making. Mid week will get tight in terms of work. Patience is the key to overcome this. Last few days will be good. Knowledge can resolve silly disputes. Career development is great this week.


Focus towards goals will help with self-esteem and respect. Communication skills play an important role. Mid week will have you happy and confident again. Hard work and innovation are your terms. Last few days have negative vibes. Everything can feel like a burden. Blessings can get you through hardships.


Your vitality and inner strength are your key to happiness. Your work will have deserved rewards. Mid week will be filled with family things. Last two days will have new friends in business. Network will play great role in success. Donations will be made in right place.


Early days may leave you frustrated and upset. Losing patience will only worsen things for you. Disappointments will give way to happiness by mid week. Last few days will be filled with household chores. Children and their future will need your attention at this time.


The week will begin happy and you will be focused on your goals. Mid week, planets may turn negative. Optimism may be in the works and conspiracy is a possibility. Speak carefully. Last few days will have good times again. Excitement can cause silly mistakes, mind them.


You may be busy with work and implement new plans. Mid week is great for you. Profits and returns are in your hands. Last couple of days will be negatively impacted. Health issues may arise. Don't waste time and money on useless things.


Last week's negative situations will end now. Your luck will get you profits. Mid week will busy with work and making your boss happy. Your work will get you rewards. Last days of the week will be filled with positive energy. Finances are in good numbers.


Week may not start in your favor. Obstacles in routines will bring you down. Disputes will drag you away. They may get a bit better in the mid week. You may reap some benefits in past investments. Lat days will get good. Your focus on work will help achieve goals on time.

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