Weird things rich people spent millions on

BY: The News Voice


Sheik Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of UAE paid to etch his name in the ground so deep that waterways formed so it'd be big enough to be seen from moon.


Roman Abramovich, the Russian Billionaire owns a Boeing 767, an iceboat and the most expensive yacht, the priceless Eclipse, estimated to be $1 billion.


Jocelyn Wildenstein is infamous all over the internet for spending millions on plastic surgery. Her case is well-known as one of the blotched surgery of all time.


In 1994, Bill Gates spent $30.8 million on the handwritten journal of Leonardo Da Vinci called Leicester making it the most expensive book ever sold.


Heard of EMFs? The devices that are supposed to tell you if there are ghosts around.... Lady Gaga brought one worth $50,000 to detect spirits around her.


In 2004, Steven Cohen bought a 14-foot tiger shark preserved with a combination of alcohol and formaldehyde, basically a pickled shark for $12 million. WHY?


Australian Businessman and politician Clive Palmer is building a replica of Titanic, right down to the stairs Leo and Kate stood on. This obsession estimates to $567 million.


Singer Mariah Carey apparently spends $100,000 every month on having exotic flowers delivered to wherever she is located.  Talk about Self-Love!


When you're rich, you  don't think twice before buying stuff. I think you should because, these just doesn't make sense.